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Accenture Alumni Rehire Guide

Are you considering a return to Accenture in North America? Leverage this guide for help with the alumni rehire process, as well as making referrals.


Stay connected with Accenture for updates on company and industry news, career opportunities, local and virtual events where you can nurture and grow your professional network, and more.

Main topics

Register on the Accenture Alumni Network

At Accenture, we are proud of our accomplishments as a company and we owe a large part of our success to the people who have helped build what Accenture is today. The company is more diverse than ever in terms of employees, clients, offerings, capabilities and locations.

As a member of our alumni community, you are a part of our remarkable growth and history. Your Accenture Alumni Network provides an exclusive platform to share knowledge and access benefits and services. Through the Accenture Alumni Network, you will always be a part of the family, wherever you go.

By registering on the Accenture Alumni Network, you can:

  • Gain easy access through Facebook, Google, LinkedIn or Twitter with our social login feature
  • Maintain and grow your network of Accenture alumni and employees
  • Access many discounts, personal benefits and resources exclusive to Accenture alumni
  • Stay connected with Accenture’s alumni newsletter, Pathways
  • Search jobs and refer candidates through our next-generation Alumni Referral Program
  • Receive timely announcements and invitations for upcoming events
  • And much more

To register:

On your first visit to the Accenture Alumni Network, you will be prompted to complete a short profile. Once you have been recognized as an Accenture alumni, you will have full access to all of the site's features.

We encourage you to keep your profile information up-to-date to help ensure that the alumni communications you receive are relevant and the connections you make as part of the network are beneficial.

If you have any questions about the Accenture Alumni Network, please email us at

Connect with us on LinkedIn

Join the Official Accenture Alumni LinkedIn Group

To enhance your alumni experience, become a member of the Official Accenture Alumni Network group on LinkedIn. Through this private group, you can connect with former colleagues regarding career opportunities, identify and foster networking relationships and join group discussions on topics related to your ideal career.

We also encourage you to follow Acceneture on LinkedIn for the latest company news and insights.

Please note: When you are a member of BOTH this LinkedIn Group AND the Accenture Alumni Network website, we will transfer certain professional information (including current company, title and level) from LinkedIn to the Alumni website database. We do this to ensure you are receiving accurate and relevant communications from us about events, jobs and any other information that may be of interest to you and that you have consented to receive. And, by maintaining a complete and updated profile, it’s easier to stay in touch and network with former colleagues and current employees. If you are a member of the Accenture Alumni Network, check your profile by logging on now.

Attend alumni events and exclusive webinars

Get connected at in-person, local events

Attend local alumni events to build your network, grow your career capital, and identify potential job leads. Registered members of the Accenture Alumni Network will be notified of Accenture-hosted events that are taking place in your area—so make sure your alumni profile and email address are current.

You can also search the alumni website directly for more local events posted by Accenture alumni and employees, or post your own events that may be of interest to the alumni community.

Join the Accenture Alumni Webcast Series

As a member of the Accenture Alumni Network, you have unique access to this exciting webcast series. Our webcasts provide thoughtful discussions around a wide variety of current industry topics from experts in these fields.

Watch your email for invites to future events or check the events section on the Accenture Alumni Network for replays of past events.


Explore this section to learn about how Accenture is organized, our careers levels and career paths. Then apply this to your career goals to help you as you navigate rehire opportunities.

Main topics

Accenture organizational structure

Accenture is one of the world’s leading professional services companies, with capabilities in consulting, strategy, digital, technology and operations. Accenture people build careers in our specialized business areas, operating groups and internal corporate functions. Each area offers a unique career experience and a compelling mix of work and training opportunities, work environment and structure for career progression.

Our Businesses

Our businesses include:

Accenture Strategy: Is where we shape our clients’ future… combining deep business insight with the understanding of how technology will impact industry and business models. We operate at the intersection of business and technology, bringing together our capabilities in business, technology, operations and function strategy to help our clients envision and execute industry-specific strategies that support enterprise-wide transformation.

Accenture Consulting: Comprises the people who work in our five operating groups: Communications, Media & Technology, Financial Services, Health & Public Service, Products and Resources. They are industry experts with the insights and capabilities to help transform the world’s leading companies. Accenture Consulting orchestrates and brings together the best of Accenture from across the organization, and has primary responsibility for building and sustaining long-term client relationships.

Accenture Digital: Combines our capabilities in digital marketing, analytics and mobility to help clients unleash the power of digital to transform their businesses. We help clients use digital technologies to deliver more meaningful and relevant customer experiences across all channels and customer segments, as well as to create new products and business models and to optimize the efficiency and effectiveness of their internal operations.

Accenture Technology: Harnesses the power of technology to drive innovation, deliver cutting-edge solutions and increase productivity. It comprises two primary areas: Technology Delivery, which includes global delivery capabilities as well as application services—spanning systems integration and application outsourcing—and our portfolio of software solutions; and Technology Innovation & Ecosystem, which includes the R&D activities in our Technology Labs and the management of our alliance relationships across the ecosystem.

Accenture Operations: Provides business process outsourcing, infrastructure consulting, infrastructure outsourcing, security and cloud services, including the Accenture Cloud Platform. We transform, build and operate IT infrastructure and business processes on behalf of clients to help improve their productivity and performance.

Operating Groups

Our operating groups serve clients in more than 40 industries around the world. This industry focus provides us with an understanding of industry evolution, business issues and applicable technologies, so we can deliver innovative and relevant solutions that help our clients achieve high performance.

Communications, Media & Technology: Serving the Communications, Electronics and High-Tech, Media and Entertainment industries.

Health & Public Service: Serving the Defense & Public Safety, Health, Human Services and Public Services & Management industries.

Financial Services: Serving Banking, Capital Markets and Insurance.

Products: Serving Automotive, Consumer Goods, Pharmaceuticals & Medical Products, Industrial Equipment, Retail, Transportation and Travel Services.

Resources: Serving the Chemicals, Energy, Natural Resources and Utilities industries.

Corporate Functions

Our corporate function professionals help run and manage Accenture’s internal operations and all activities across our business, from finance, HR and legal to workplace management, operations and marketing and communications.

This structure, and the unique way that our teams work together, enable us to meet client expectations while providing rewarding career opportunities for our people.

Accenture employee career model

Careers at Accenture

At Accenture, we have an environment rich with possibilities and resources, where you can create a career that reflects your passions and talents. Our new employee career model—Careers at Accenture—will enable you to develop more specialized skills and have greater transparency about career opportunities. Watch this telestration to learn more about how Careers at Accenture can help you create the career you envision.

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Accenture career levels

As an Accenture alum, you possess a robust mix of professional experience gained across both your previous time at Accenture and with other organizations and activities.

How your skills and experience map back to Accenture will depend on the role you are interested in, where it sits within Accenture’s organizational structure and the specific responsibilities of the role. In general, the more years of experience and the deeper the level of specialization, the more senior the role you should consider.

We now have a common career level structure for the entire organization, which spans from managing director to new assistant, associate or analyst.

  • Managing Director
  • Associate Director
  • Senior Manager
  • Manager
  • Associate Manager
  • Consultant, Team Lead or Specialist
  • Senior Analyst
  • Analyst
  • Associate
  • New Associate or Assistant

With increased seniority comes the added responsibility to lead teams and initiatives, act as a career coach and mentor for other employees, and potential involvement in business or community development initiatives outside of the day-to-day role.

Actual requirements for years of experience and other qualifications will vary and are listed in each job description. If you have any questions about where your experience may fit, please contact the North American Accenture Alumni Recruiting Team.

Career persona quiz

We’ve launched a new quiz to help you discover your career personality and find your ideal fit at Accenture today. By answering a few questions, you can learn how your interests align with Accenture career paths, while exploring our clients, capabilities, solutions and people.

Take the quiz now

Tap into your Accenture network

The power of networking

Leverage the power of the Accenture Alumni Network by staying connected with former colleagues still at Accenture. Let them know that you are interested in coming back to Accenture. Talk with them about your career objectives. Share business insights in your area of business. And continue to grow your contacts by getting to know other Accenture people by attending local alumni events. Someone in your professional network may know of Accenture opportunities that you can consider.

Employee referrals

Current Accenture employees can recommend potential candidates—including Accenture alumni—for open positions via the Accenture Employee Referral Program. Employee referrals are an important component of our talent strategy to secure the best people, with the right skills and capabilities, focused on performance excellence.

Connect with your Accenture contacts and ask them to refer you for an available position.

You can also use the ‘Get Referred’ functionality at the top of job descriptions posted to the Job Search section of the Accenture careers site to search your social and professional networks for Accenture employees you know who may be able to personally refer you.

Helpful tools & tips

Accenture Alumni Recruiting Team

Contact our dedicated team of Accenture alumni recruiters in North America at They will help you explore career options, navigate the expedited alumni recruiting process and keep you connected on your application status.

Alumni career transitions toolkit

To help set a foundation and direction for your change journey, download the Alumni Career Transitions Toolkit. Here you will find guidance on networking, social media, career job sites, as well as resume and interview tips.

Career Transitions Strategy Workbook

Download this workbook for activities that will help you develop your own personal transition strategy, as well as tools to track your progress throughout the application and interview process.

Accenture career coach

As you prepare for a career transition you may want to revisit some of the basics as you fine tune your career search skills. Explore the Accenture Career Coach (United States, Canada) for further advice on resume writing, networking, interviewing and other career search topics.


Ready to apply? Get advice and information on how to apply as a priority candidate through the Accenture Alumni Network in the United States and Canada.

Main topics

Contact the Alumni recruiting team

Get support from the Accenture Alumni Recruiting Team

If you are interested in returning to Accenture, reach out to our dedicated team of Accenture alumni recruiters in North America at They will help you explore career options, navigate the expedited alumni recruiting process and keep you connected on your application status—and are the #1 resource for making a return to Accenture.

When making your initial outreach, please come prepared with:

  • Copy of your current resume
  • Listing of interested roles and/or any specific business areas
  • General questions you may have on the rehire process

The Alumni Recruiting Team will act as your guide and help you navigate your way through the rehire process - but will need your direction on where you would ideally like to take your career.

Find open positions

Visit the Careers section of the Accenture Alumni Network where you can view all open positions at Accenture, as well as external job leads. Set-up job alerts to receive email notification as new roles are posted that meet your preferred criteria.

Once you have reviewed open positions, we encourage you to then contact our dedicated team of Accenture Alumni Recruiters in North America at Come equipped with any preferred Job Title and/or Job Number(s) so they can quickly guide you through the application process, as well as monitor your application status with regular updates.

You may also apply to Accenture directly from our alumn site, without the assistance of our alumni recruiting team. If you choose to do this, you will be directed to apply online via Accenture's applicant tracking system where you will need to create/access your username and password for the application system. Be sure to identify yourself as an Accenture alumnus (By selecting “Yes” to “Have you previously been employed by Accenture or any of its Businesses?” section) to ensure your application receives priority candidate processing.

Note: as you consider our open positions, please note that Accenture’s Policy sets restrictions on potential career level changes—as well as salary increases and bonus eligibility—for former employees who have been gone for less than 18 months.

Set up job alerts

Create job alerts on the Alumni Network for your rehire search

Receive personalized job alerts from the Alumni Network by:

  • Using the Keyword Search Box to find open roles posted by Accenture, as well as alumni and external recruiters.
  • Customizing your search using Filters to select your preferred parameters.
  • Using the Save Search button to receive daily or weekly Job Alerts. As roles are posted, you will receive an e-mail notification with new openings that meet your criteria.

Tip: create several job alerts covering specific and broad search criteria.

Try our LinkedIn Job Match Tool

Want to quickly find a recommended opening? Try our new Accenture LinkedIn Job Match Tool.

Login with LinkedIn to find open positions at Accenture that may be a match based on your skills, experience and location.

Understand job qualifications

Basic qualifications = required qualifications

If you are considering a return to Accenture, or know of someone whom you would like to refer, it is important to carefully review the job description to determine a good fit before applying.

Accenture job descriptions list basic qualifications, preferred qualifications and other professional skills and requirements. Basic qualifications are listed first and are required. A candidate must meet all basic qualifications for possible consideration. While it is important to also meet as many of the preferred qualifications and other skills, as this demonstrates a good skills alignment with the opportunity, it is imperative that the basic qualifications are met.

When applying, be sure that your resume clearly reflects your background in accordance with the basic qualifications and other preferred aptitudes, skills and experiences. Hear advice in this video.

Read transcript

The Accenture Alumni Recruiting Team can help you understand basic qualifications and ensure you apply for the right positions.

Resume advice

Stand out from the resume crowd

Learn how to make your resume stand out from the crowd with advice from an experienced recruiter.

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What to expect after you apply

What to expect after you apply

If your skills and experiences match the basic qualifications listed in the job description for the role to which you applied, a recruiter will contact you for next steps in the recruiting process.

To ensure that we hire the most appropriate individual for a given opportunity, Accenture conducts a rigorous interview process. A recruiter may contact you to discuss your resume. This may result in a first interview with a recruiter, who will want to discuss your experiences and interests at a high level. You will also have the opportunity to get additional information about the position and what it is like to work at Accenture. If you are selected to participate in the next stage of the process, you may have interviews with Accenture executives for a more in-depth discussion of your skills and experiences. Your recruiter will keep you informed through this process.

If your background is not a match for a current opportunity, your resume will remain in our database and we will contact you if a suitable position matching your skills and experience becomes available. You can also apply for other positions that are of interest and update your applicant profile as appropriate.

If you have any questions regarding your application status, please feel free to reach out to the alumni recruiting team at

Contractor opportunities

Accenture Contractor Exchange

If you left Accenture more than six months ago and are interested in contract opportunities, register with the Accenture Contractor Exchange. If an opportunity matches your skills, an Accenture representative will contact you to discuss next steps.


Learn more about our interview process for alumni looking to return to Accenture and how to prepare.

Main topics

Interview process

Alumni interview process

Accenture alumni candidates selected for an interview will go through a streamlined interview processes. The required interviews will depend on when the alumnus left Accenture.

  1. Within the last two years
    1. Recruiter screening: a 20-30 minute conversation with an Accenture recruiter, who will provide an overview of Accenture and the role for which you are being considered. You will have an opportunity to summarize your work experience, qualifications, and education, as well as ask questions. If you are selected to proceed to the next interview, the recruiter will provide detailed information on the next steps.
    2. Skills interview: a 60 minute conversation, with an Accenture employee from the role’s business area, to assess your technical or functional qualifications against the requirements of the role.
  2. More than two years ago
    1. Recruiter screening: see above
    2. Skills interview: see above
    3. Confirming interview: a 60 minute conversation with an Accenture executive, who will complete a final assessment of your overall fit with Accenture and the role. This also gives you an opportunity to ask any outstanding questions you may have

The Accenture Behavioral Interview is typically waived for all alumni candidates regardless of how long they have been gone from Accenture or whether they completed a behavioral interview previously. This includes alumni who may have been employed in a different geography.

Background checks: Regardless of how long an alumnus has been away from Accenture, background checks are required for all returning Alumni candidates.

Questions: Contact the Accenture Alumni Recruiting Team if you have questions about your applicant status or interview process.

Interview preparation

Reading the recruiter’s mind

What do recruiters look for when conducting an interview? Find out from an experienced Accenture recruiter – and prepare for your next interview.

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Evaluating your offer

If you receive an offer from Accenture, your primary recruiter will share all the relevant details of your Offer Package including items such as career level, compensation, benefits, and paid time-off.


Help us grow the Accenture team. Do you know a high performer who would be a good match for Accenture? Refer someone from your network for an available opportunity and get rewarded up to $6,000 if your referral is hired.

Main topics

Submit a referral

Submit a referral and get rewarded

As a member of our Alumni Network, you know what it takes to be successful at Accenture and it’s likely you know others who would excel here. Get rewarded by introducing your professional network to some of the world’s most interesting careers through our Alumni Referral Program.

Refer a friend

Follow our easy, three-step process to submit a personal referral through the Alumni Referral Program:

  1. Choose a country location
  2. Review some quick Alumni Referral Program guidelines
  3. Supply requested information/resume for your referee and submit

See the Accenture Alumni Referral Program Global Policy and Country Supplements, and Frequently Asked Questions for more information.

Referral rewards

Get rewarded

Once your alumni referral is hired, the alumni team will contact you, via email, after 30 days to complete the required forms for your referral bonus to be processed. As an Accenture alum in the United States or Canada, you are eligible for a bonus of up to $6,000. Note: Referral bonuses are only paid out for referral candidates who successfully completed the interview process and accepted an offer with Accenture.

Learn more about our Accenture Alumni Referral Program Rewards Claiming Process.


Take advantage of Accenture resources to help you navigate the alumni recruiting process, stay update on Accenture career news and freshen up your career search skills.

Main topics

Accenture Alumni Recruiting Team

As an Accenture Alum, you have access to a dedicated team of alumni recruiters. Take advantage of this resource at

Career resources

Helpful career resources

Download the Alumni Career Transitions Toolkit for guidance on networking, social media, career job sites, resume and interview tips.

Follow the Accenture Careers Blog for updates on Accenture news, employee stories, recruiter tips and more.

Explore the Accenture Career Coach for further advice on resume writing, networking, interviewing and other career search topics.

Alumni rehire stories

Azad Homayouni Azad Homayouni returns for an exciting opportunity – Former technology consultant Azad Homayouni returns to Accenture for its culture, exciting challenges and opportunities for growth. Learn how the alumni recruiting team helped Azad navigate his way.

Susan Doria After time away raising her children, Accenture alumnae Susan Doria returns to Accenture for a part-time role that meets her career goals and family priorities. Learn how she was able to find the right position to achieve this balance.